Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of cooking is that good food is transformative. It can change your mood, outlook and preconceptions.

We find our food to be reflective of our cooking process. We don’t want creating a meal to be onerous. Whether simple or complex dishes, the journey from shopping to serving should be enjoyed.


The episodes of Watch, Cook, Eat and our blogs are inspired by those journeys we’ve taken and by our philosophy of the 3 Ls: Lazy, Loquacious and Liquored Up.

We hope that our techniques will help viewers to more fun and adventurous meals.

Supporting Food Citizenship

From the first McD's to the tasting menu, the way we understand food has changed.

The move from consumers to food citizenship unites everyone. We are a food world without boundaries.

While once food was sustenance, we've evolved beyond our basic needs. Now we hope to create sustainability, fairness, diversity and creativity.