Why Join the #nofussgourmet VIPs?

Do you want to be able to cook like a gourmet?

Learning to cook is time consuming. Chefs have their personal style that can be hard to brings in your every day life.

At home, you want to have good taste, try new things and learn about your food. 


The no-fuss gourmet helps you judge the complexity of dishes and how yummy they are.  

Get Inspired

Get access to original recipes from the no-fuss gourmets. 

Use our grading philosophy to decide if you want to cook the dish.

Access them on your computer, your phone or in our recipe app. 

Follow our month by month cooking calendar for inspiration.

Build up your meal repertoire and taste new flavors with us as we cook with different foods. 

Explore New Tastes

Enjoy Cooking 

It's tough to think how you'd cook something sumptuous at home and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Watch us cook original menus and have fun in the kitchen. 

Get access to watchcookeat.tv before it's available on YouTube! 


Love to write about food?

Be a part of a cooking community that blogs, shares food photographs and recipes without managing your own blog!

Publish Original Recipe

Do you have an original recipe you want to publish? 

Submit it to be showcased on the nofussgourmet dishes. 

Love Blogging!

Don't have time to keep a blog up-to-date, but you want to share your knowledge?

Once you sign up for the VIP club you'll be able to contribute to our unique wiki!  

Make Foodie Friends!

Chat and share photographs with the #nofussgourmets about your personal culinary journey. 

Post and connect from your phone with other VIPs in the club. 

Become a Cookbook Author

Love to write about food?

You love to cook and so does your family, but creating, collecting and curating recipes takes time. Preserves your family cooking history, with the nofussgourmet VIP club. 

Self-Publish a Cookbook

Build up recipes over time or choose any #nofussgourmet template and create a record of your adventures in the culinary underbelly.


The template makes it easy to add pictures and comments from friends and family. 

Artisan Marketplace

You can sell or reseller any product in the VIP club! 

Got a new Kitchen Aid mixer? Resell your old one in the club! 

Do you make artisan products? Become a member and sell to foodies in the club. 

Become the Perfect Host!

Love throwing parties?

Dinner parties can often lead to one exhausted cook and lots of satisfied guests. Cooking can be less organized by course and more organized for inclusion

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Design an Original Menu!

Work with a #nofussgourmet to create a menu based on our philosophy and your cooking skills. 

Create Ambience

Search the market place for anything from plates to cooking tools to make your party hum!