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Try our fruity, brined guinea fowl and fill your home with berries and make your cooking 🌟.


What's the Menu 🍽️?


Apricot and Blackberry Brined Guinea Fowl

Ginger Pak Choi

Potato Dauphinoise


What Makes it a No Fuss Gourmet Menu?


The fruit juice brine awakens your sense of smell. The brining process tenderises the guinea fowl. When you cook your home will smell of berries and fowl juices. The bok choy hearty, looks goos and is simple to make. You flash fry it just before you serve. The potato dauphinoise can be made earlier. Most of the work is in the preparation and the oven takes care of the rest.


What Does the Download Contain?


A mini-guide on the 2 day preparation process.


- A printable menu

- Cooking techniques and tools

- Cooking schedule

- Timing

- Recipes for each dish

- Menu template

Original Menu with Brined Guinea Fowl

  • Thank you for purchasing the No-Fuss Gourmet Menu! You have purchased this for your use only. Please do not share the file, encourage others to buy it so we can continue to make create No-Fuss Gourmet Menus. 

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