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Explore cycling in Edinburgh with this free Google Earth project. 


Remember to use CycleEH when you check out. 


There are three routes in the download. 


1. Cycle the Old Railway Paths!

The Old Railways circle the north of Edinburgh. They are tree lined and flat. Zoom in to the entrance and exits and learn how to navigate the streets.


2. Ride to the Inn!

The Union Canal starts in Edinburgh and goes through the charming little village of Ratho, 8 miles west of Edinburgh. Orientate yourself with start and finish information on Google Earth and learn a little about the history of the canal too. 


3. The Lion Couchant Route

Starting at London Road Gardens you'll cycle towards the river, where you'll get great view of Holyrood Park and the volcanic plugs known as The Lion Couchant. Once you reach Portobello beach you'll ride back to Holyrood Park through woods and greenways and finish the 10 mile cycle at the Scottish Parliament.  


This is a series of routes! Follow @ChristineEnhanc for updates on added routes. 

Cycling in Edinburgh with Google Earth

  • The zip file contains a Keyhole Markup Language (KLM) file. A .klm file contains place marks, images, polygons, 3D models, textual descriptions, for display in Google Earth. ( 

    Load Google Earth ( on to your phone (or computer) and import the KLM file as a project. 

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