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How-To Perfect Scrambled Eggs! The Secret...

I make scrambled eggs in a 15 year old, hand-me-down Le Creuset pan that my mother-in-law gave me; they're fluffy and light, and they stay warm in the pan.

Making eggs well is one of those things that makes brunch worthwhile.

🥚 Shock!

The more I cook the more I think about food shock! The Hairy Bikers talked about it in one of their chicken episodes. One of the cooking tips they gave was to let the chicken rest (outside of the fridge) so that it comes to room temperature.

It doesn't seem to make any sense, but I think it might be right. Most recently we had a slightly frozen fish that took too long to cook. It tasted great, but it looked odd.

You need to let the eggs come up to room temperature to make mayonnaise, but does it apply to everything else?

Create an original menu for me.

Yesterday's breakfast pizza looked shocked as though the eggs had cooked at different speeds. Again it tasted good, but...

To prevent egg shock in your scrambled eggs, I'd make the mixture first and prepare all the other parts of the brunch next. That way you can give it a little time and not rush through cooking.

Making Perfect Scrambled Eggs!

There are 3 steps to the perfect scrambled eggs.

1. Creme Fraiche (french for Sour Cream)!

🍳Use a ratio of 3 eggs to a dessert spoon of creme fraiche and whisk before cooking.

Be generous with the creme fraiche, it'll melt in to the eggs. You can use soured cream, but eggs love creme fraiche.

American style sour cream is 20% fat :-), while French creme fraiche is 30% fat. Curdling happens when you cook a dairy product at too high a heat for the fat content to cope and it breaks down. You may have had this experience cooking yogurt.

You can taste the difference between real creme fraiche and sour cream when you cook it, but sometimes you run out of the real stuff, so unless you have some cultured buttermilk and heavy cream around, I'd reach for the sour cream.

2. Use Butter to Impart Flavor

🍳 Melt a large dollop of butter in the pan (before you add the whisked eggs).

Butter melts well, contains a lot of solid fat and releases flavor quickly. Reuniting the buttermilk with the butter fat makes the eggs taste sublime.

3. Use a Le Creuset Cast-Iron Pan For Texture

🍳 To get fluffy eggs, stir them constantly. Once they look fluffy, cover with the lid and turn the heat off.

The cast-iron pan distributes the heat evenly which means the eggs cook consistently.

Because the cast-iron stores heat, it continues to cook your food after you turn off the burner. It's a nice way to keep them warm while you plate. Timing is always hard for new cooks, so knowing this can cut down on your stress level at breakfast.

Create a unique menu for me.
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