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Diets! Yeezy Butter is Smooth!

Butter has always been one of those delicacies that shouldn't be missed. I grew up eating margarine when everyone was afraid of fat, but I never liked the taste.

I always reach for butter when I want to enjoy bread. Simple pleasures.

Butter is easier to make than you think. Here's The Stay at Home Chef talking about growing up in the Wild West ;-) and feeling the spirit of the pioneers who had to be resourceful and know-how to make their own.

The only thing I ever shock for 6 minutes was a cocktail! After our first visit to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, we wanted to replicate the Shaker Boys tradition and make our own Ramos Gin Fizz.

This involved one accommodating bartender and a round robin shaking experience in a London bar.

I'd make life a little easier than having a brood. This adorable little churn is so cute.

Strangely enough for us city folk, Iowa has a tradition of making cows out of butter. This is a particularly charming cow and if you are at the Iowa State Fair you should follow her.

I've always wondered about the French butter dish; it seems unnecessary. It works by vacuum sealing in the butter so you can keep it on the counter top.

That's ingenious!


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