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Fridge Raid! Cutting Food Waste at Lunch

I've started cooking my way through the summer again and this year I thought you might like to join me.

Finding new recipes to cook is difficult! When you reach a site it seems overwhelming. Lists, categories, and trends that don't always match what you can cook, want to cook or can afford to cook.

I'm making the effort to combine dishes and grade them, so you don't have too.

The #summerofsharon gives me time to replenish and try all the new dishes that I didn't have time for while I was working. It also helps me cut down on #foodwaste as I prowl the larder for hidden gems!

Like I always do, I opened the fridge door and scouted the contents.

This meal was made with odds and ends from other dishes leftover.

Fried cheese in a citrus sauce (🥑 Oil (1/4 cup),🍋 (1/2) and Parsley (1 tblsp) ) made a comeback from last year's #summerofsharon, but it was more of an accident as I chose the wrong type of cheese in the supermarket. :-)

Arepas are a new addition to my repertoire! They're Colombian street food and are easy to make. Of course you need the right flour - a light, fine cornmeal flour called Masarepa (made by Goya).

Sweetcorn, charred on the gas flame in your kitchen, creates flavor. It's a little awkward but worth it. Just add lime and coconut 🥥! There isn't really a recipes for this, I just eyeball it! Kim and I first had this at Miss Lilly's restaurant in Manhattan and since then we always make our corn this way.

The carrots were the boldest flavor for lunch. I'd made these ahead next time and then only have the arepas and the cheese left to cook. Working the timing always makes cooking easier.

If you'd like me to create a menu for you, book a #nofussgourmet meeting here.

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