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Watermelon and Tequila! What We Want This #NationalTequilaDay

Dueling and booze, two great American traditions! Now, National Tequila Day! This year I'm heading to Taco Bell for their Watermelon Freeze and picking up some Tequila 1800 to make it boozy instead of virgin. Coz, I'm just refined that way. :-)

But if like me you want to keep it classy! :-) Why not make a watermelon salad and make the unusual Pomelo Margarita!

Classics are Always Good!

Frozen Margaritas need a pulsing mixer! Here's one you can buy so that I can make some money for all the research and hard work that I do. ;-)

I'm #summertimes interested in drinking and eating then here is a easy recipe for a watermelon salad.

I'd combine this salad with the Tommy's margarita. Watermelon is high in natural sugar and the Tommy's Margarita cuts the sugar crash with agave syrup as the mixer.

Tommy's Margarita Recipe - Low Sugar Options

If you want to explore more options, check out our 8 summer cocktails. It has several easy tequila recipes.

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