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Chocolate Stout Beer Batter Zucchini

How to Make Chocolate Stout, Deep Fried Zucchini Flowers

An Original Recipe by Sharon and Kim




  1. Make the batter by combining the flour, egg yolk, beer and salt. How: You don't want the batter to be too thick . It needs to coat the zucchini, and stick to it. Add beer to change the runnier.

  2. Whisk the egg whites until they are stiff.

  3. Fold in to the beer batter. What: Folding is technique that aerates a mixture. Use a metal spoon to ensure the egg whites don't react with the spoon. Drop a dollop of egg white on top of the batter, fold the batter over the egg white, in a covering motion. Don't stir!

  4. Heat your vegetable oil (or Canola oil) as instructed by your deep fryer.

  5. One at a time, coat your zucchini in batter and cook in the fryer. The video contains a demonstration of this technique.


Here's what you need to know to be an expert about this recipe!

Stout is a style of beer that evolved from Porter. Dark malt became cheaper in the 17th century and brewers started to use it as the basis for fermentation.

  • Chocolate stout is produced by different brewers with different flavors.

  • Samuel Smith started brewing chocolate stout in England in 1758. The water used today is from the original well.

  • Beer batter isn't as healthy as water-based batters, but it does have it's advantages. If you want to be a pro, follow these instructions from the Smithsonian. But, here's their results, "[The] team found that the oil uptake of beer batters was 9 to 18 percent greater than water-based batters. Its instrumental textural analysis found that beer batters fried up softer and more fracturable than water-based batters. And its panel of trained sensory evaluators found that beer batter made the tilapia filets and onion strips softer but crispier."

  • While this is our own recipe, we were inspired by The Sherlock Holmes cookbook. The book is a collection of recipes from the Culinary Institute of America, created from food mentions in the Holmes canon by The Baker Street Irregulars appreciation society.

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