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Scusami, This Week's Shopping...

Working out what to eat for the week in our house is a little like a virtual globe trot.

Grocery shopping in Manhattan is never specifically American in the way that people view culturally defined foods.

When we buy our groceries we are influenced by our favorite dishes, what's available, and the people working around us who come from all parts of the world and blend their home culture with the cultures around them.

We stopped off at @espositosausage to pick up our stash of breakfast sausages for the week.

When we got home we decided to cook Moonstruck eggs to go with our sausages. I love the movie; it's one of my favorites about NY.

They're incredibly easy to do. Buy some doorstop bread (like a boule) and cut a large slice. Hollow out an egg sized hole in the middle of the bread. Heat the frying pan, non-stick is best, throw the bread in to the pan and crack an egg in to the hole. Cook until the egg is ready!

Butter is a good way to get a nice sear on the bread when you toast it.

When you have this brunch dish, it's fun to play the movie, but if you don't have time, then just put on That's Amore!

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